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Shaping the Future of the West

Excerpt from Justin's January Newsletter

A year and a half ago, the City Council made the decision to proceed with the Eisenhower West Small Area Planning process. The plan area is bounded by I-395 on the north, the City borders on the west and the south, and Holmes Run on the east.

The City's small area planning efforts are nothing new. Over the past decade, collaboration between the community and its policymakers has lead to the adoption of new small area plans in nearly every corner of the City.

However, Eisenhower West is unique for other reasons. In many ways it was a "greenfield" from the planning perspective. It can be argued that there were less constraints, less preconceived notions, and less timing pressures on the plan adoption than the others that preceded it.

Since this summer, there have been a series of community meetings to shape the future vision of the plan area. Those exercises have now lead to four different high level visions for the area, each of which include site for a potential new school:

Option A (New Neighborhoods): This option focuses on the creation of new neighborhoods, and new retail.

Option B (Recreation and Natural Resources): This option includes new mixed-use development while creating new park land and open space.

Option C (Great Street): This option develops Eisenhower Avenue as a boulevard with mixed-use throughout. This also creates a new stormwater handling feature.

Option D (Incubator/Employment Center): This option attempts to preserve many of the industrial and warehouse uses in the plan area today, while focusing on the creation of new job centers.

Until January 18th, the City is actively soliciting your opinion on the different options. Review the details of each option and offer your feedback using the AlexEngage system.

The Steering Committee meets on Monday, January 26th at the Cameron Station Clubhouse (200 Cameron Station Blvd) at 7 PM.

The next community meeting is Monday, February 9th at Beatley Central Library (5005 Duke Street) at 7 PM.





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