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Nearing the Finish Line

Excerpt from Justin's July Newsletter

No issue has dominated this City Council term more than our efforts concluding decades of litigation and rancor over the future of our waterfront. Central in those discussions has been the negotiation and ultimate settlement with the Old Dominion Boat Club.

In March, the membership of the Club voted to accept a negotiated settlement which provided the entire base of King Street on the water as a new City park, while providing the Club with a brand new boat house on the waterfront nearby.

The deal was also contingent on the negotiation of final terms and conditions. Late last month, the City Council approved the final agreement between the two parties. Later this month, the Old Dominion Boat Club will also hold a vote to accept this very same agreement.

With this agreement nearly completed, the City has moved quickly to engage the community and design the future of these new public spaces.

At our June Public Hearing the City Council accepted public testimony on early plans for spaces that will be the central focus of our waterfront. Ultimately, the Council unanimously endorsed the early concepts and directed our Staff to continue efforts to bring this vision to reality.

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